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"Sandee is one of the most inspiring leaders I have ever met. Her vision has shaped what i.c. stars stands for and has impacted the lives of so many. It was a true pleasure being able to work with her and the i.c. stars team - I was able to contribute, but also learn so much from Sandee."

Nicole Dessain

founder, talentimperative.com

“Sandee is one of the most amazing and powerful woman I have ever met. Her heart is huge and is worth more than gold. She has inspire me (and many other) to "Bea" everything I can while giving back to the community. Her goal is to create 1,000 community leaders by the year 2020. I am among the lucky ones to be touched by her mission. Her inspiration has led me to formulate my own non-profit: "Inspire By L.O.V.E. (Leadership, Opportunity, Value, Education).”

Beatrice Elizalde

President & Community Leader at Inspire By L.O.V.E.

About Sandee

Sandee Kastrul is president and co-founder of i.c.stars, an innovative nonprofit leadership and technology training program founded in 1999 to prepare inner-city adults for technology careers and community leadership.

Prior to i.c.stars, Sandee’s experience as an educator, diversity trainer, educational consultant and a performing artist drew her creative talents to the forefront. Her accomplishments include designing a comprehensive science and civics interactive program for GED students at Jobs for Youth, implementing a professional development program with Harold Washington College Career Center, developing experiential learning modules for over 70 schools and creating artist in residency programs as well as training artists to work in classrooms for arts organizations.

Upcoming Events

Sept 28-29, 2016
CUSP (Design) Conference
Sept 29, 2016
Chicago Innovation Awards
October 3-6, 2016
Close-It Summit in Dallas TX

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Previous Speaking Engagements 

  • Chicagoland Chamber’s Pathways to Pipelines 
  •  Axelson Symposium for nonprofits Chicago Innovation Awards
  • Tech Week Diversity Panel
  • IDS Fast Forward Event
  • Glappitnova 
  • Chicago Tech Rocks
  • i.c.stars Columbus Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • Youth Led Tech
  • 50 Action 50 at Motorola
  • i.c.stars iOpener - panel on talent, closing speech
  • University of Chicago Local Workforce Conference, Panel on Employment and Employability
  • Motorola Technology round table with State Legislators
  • Experience Institute Graduation - panel moderation
  • Dupage Children's Museum - Creating a High Performance Values Based Culture
  • Admci Podcast - Interview with Designers
  • Employment and Employability, What’s Working in Policies, Practices and Partnerships - UofC Workforce Conference
  • Leadership Learning Forum with The Dooley Group Leadership Council
  • Chicago Innovation Awards - moderating panel on Media, Capital and Talent
  • Hands Up United Tech Town Hall in Ferguson, MO
  • Chicago Not-for-Profits: Meeting Today’s Challenges with New Strategic Perspectives
  • Chicago Innovation Awards (Panel Moderator)
  • ARA Mentorship Forum roundtable moderation - Northern Trust
  • i.c.stars commencement - Thoughtworks
  • Good City Good Work - STEM panel


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