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"Knowing that our theme was ‘We are FHLBC’, Sandee delivered an address that blew our audience away. Her stories challenged us to think differently about who we are, what communities we claim and to be accountable for our own sense of engagement. People left feeling inspired and challenged by her message. I think the best reflection of her impact comes from one of our executives who approached Sandee after the speech and simply said ‘You were wonderful’. Personally I identify with another attendee who commented that our speakers made them refocus how they operated as a manager. I would extend that to say that she made me refocus how I operate as a human being."

Troy Bienash

Managing Director, Information Technology
Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

“I’ve seen Sandee speak in many different contexts. No matter the setting, overarching theme of the event, or audience dynamic, Sandee is top of mind as an authority on diversity and talent development. Her presentation style makes people feel comfortable, while her content challenges them to think differently about everything – from data to a culture of inclusion.”

Monica Hauser

Head of Lenovo Foundation

About Sandee

Sandee Kastrul is president and co-founder of i.c.stars, an innovative nonprofit leadership and technology training program founded in 1999 to prepare inner-city adults for technology careers and community leadership.

Prior to i.c.stars, Sandee’s experience as an educator, diversity trainer, educational consultant and a performing artist drew her creative talents to the forefront. Her accomplishments include designing a comprehensive science and civics interactive program for GED students at Jobs for Youth, implementing a professional development program with Harold Washington College Career Center, developing experiential learning modules for over 70 schools and creating artist in residency programs as well as training artists to work in classrooms for arts organizations.

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  • International Women's Day at Leo Burnett
  • Smart Chicago & ChiHackNight
  • Anita Borg Chicago, at kCura
  • Women Tech Founder’s Midwest Women in Tech Conference
  • Chicago Park District, Jr Citizens Award Ceremony, Key note address
  • Powerful Women Who Lead By Example at 1871
  • SheSays event at LeoBurnett
  • Federal Home Loan Bank’s conference


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